Pankaj Kalli

Pankaj Kalli

About Me:
I am Pankaj Kalli, working as a Chef de Partie, where I do my job with respect and devotion. However, as time goes by, I feel my life is incomplete. So, I have chosen to be on screen, bringing my efforts, hard work, and patience to learn and grow. I am awaiting the right platform to boost my career and achieve at least a marginal point in my life, as career success sometimes depends on luck.

I am confident in my potential skills and my ability to participate in photo shoots in public, but I still need guidance and support to understand how the world wants to see me. Being new to the industry, I am committed to doing my best in all shades of modeling, acting, and beyond.

Every skill requires effort, and during my school and college days, I performed in stage dramas. After that, I focused on Culinary Science and won a gold medal in college through the Food Committee of the Association of Catering Professionals in Hyderabad.

I am from India and speak English, Telugu, and Hindi, along with some basic Italian. I have gained valuable job experience working on a cruise liner in Europe from 2013 to 2022.

Interested In:
– Modeling
– Runway walk
– Acting in advertisement, or series and shows (if successful with auditions as per director’s requirements)
– Travel shows on cooking
– Historical devotion shows on religion