Oliver Henry Mancini

Oliver Henry Mancini

About Me:
I’m a 21yr Actor and Model based in Liverpool, originally from Guernsey I moved up here to study Acting and graduated from LIPA in 2021.

I enjoy all forms of acting but really love immersive and event theatre. I’m also a singer and have a love for artists like the BeeGees and Frank Sinatra. I’ve only recently got into modelling and I’m excited to try a bit of everything I always love a new challenge and modelling is one that really interests me.

I’m very adventurous and love to travel, and would like to do travel the world at some point and experience new cultures. I also love getting outdoors as much as possible and I’m a big fan of sports especially Climbing and F1

Interested In:
– Acting
– Singing
– Extra
– Music
– Modelling (all forms)
– Photography
– Outdoors
– Skiing