Oliver Ford

Oliver Ford

About Me:
I graduated from Farnham University last year with a degree in Film Production where I specialised in editing, making short films and documentaries. Since leaving university I have moved back to Maidstone in Kent, my home town and have been working at an Animal Sanctuary. I help to look after farm animals, wildlife, domestic pets and everything and anything between. It is quite strenuous but rewarding work.

My friends and I like to keep active and climb regularly at a local bouldering center, this is like a gym but more social. This also keeps me pretty fit and healthy. I also love to ski and try to go every year with my family and friends.

Due to being in lockdown most of last year the social side of my life has been heavily cut and I’ve had to turn to playing chess with my girlfriend. Surprisingly I have discovered that I quite like it.

I took my cbt last year in motorbike training and and now have a 125cc motorbike which I enjoy riding. I also have a full driving licence and my own car. I enjoy music and play the guitar. I have in the past been in a band.

Despite been taken to dance and hip hop when I was much younger, I am not looking for this type of work. I am comfortable in front of a camera and am looking for modelling work.

Interested In: