Nathan Oluwa

Nathan Oluwa
About Me:
My name is Nathan and I currently live in south east London, as I have my whole life. One of the things I care about is the mind and the way people think, hence my studying psychology. It allows me to explore and grow in my own psychological development, as well as one day helping others to do the same.
For a very long time, I hated the way I looked. As a member of the albino community in south London, growing up differently was difficult. However, recently my perspective on my appearance has changed. What was once a curse and the source of my insecurities has now become a strength that I’m proud of.
I hope to model for you to showcase that newfound strength to your customers while drawing more traffic towards your products. I’m now aware that difference is captivating, and Im fairly confident that working together could benefit both of us.
Interested In:
– High Fashion Modelling
– Fashion Catalogue Modelling
– Commercial Modelling
– Mature Modelling
– Promotional Modelling
– Parts Modelling
– Fit Modelling
– Fitness Modelling
– Runway Modelling