Natasha Cecilia Saaba Mintah

Natasha Cecilia Saaba Mintah

About Me:
I am reaching out to express my genuine interest in the modelling position at your esteemed company. Upon encountering the opportunity on your official website, I immediately recognized the correlation between the role and my dedication to meticulous work and engaging audiences.

As a committed and driven individual, I possess the essential skills and mindset required to thrive within your agency. My friendly and positive demeanour facilitates effective communication and adept navigation of social settings. Noteworthy is my ability to seamlessly adapt to various styles and trends, coupled with a distinctive look that sets me apart in the industry.

Allow me to share a bit about myself: In addition to my modelling aspirations, I am a dental care professional, despite having a significant phobia of visiting the dentist. I embody both introverted and extroverted qualities, characterized by a quiet nature complemented by a big heart and a penchant for making statements, particularly through my fashion choices.

My favourite colours are reds, blush, and greens. I love florals and all kinds of jazzy prints and patterns which reflect my bold, unique, and versatile taste with a touch of quirkiness. I find joy in family, food, travel, fashion, photography, music, animals, and nature, and always ready for excitement and a new adventure. Some of the most spontaneous and adventurous activities I have engaged in include rock climbing, scuba diving in the Red Sea, swimming with dolphins, bareback horse riding in the sea, paragliding, zip-lining over a quarry in Wales, and desert quad biking.

Interested In:
– TV and Film
– Commercial Modelling
– High Street Fashion