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Hi, my name is Nancy, my family and some teachers call me Nance which I don’t mind.
I’m quite energetic, chatty and I can also be funny, as I make my friends laugh.
I really enjoy sports at school and I have recently started jujitsu out of school. They said I was a “natural” so maybe that’s because I did judo at my primary school every week and won a silver medal!
My parents are separated and although I live with my mum in a lovely cottage in the country, I visit my dad every week and see him a lot. They both have working cocker spaniel dogs; dads is black and 10 years old, quite calm, mums is chocolate, almost 3 years old and fussy.  Dads is called Jess and mums is called Mini. I love them both!
My mum loves holidays and takes us everywhere. We went to New York at Christmas and we’re off to Sri Lanka at Easter. I would really like to go to Australia and The Maldives so maybe that will happen soon. I think next year we may go to California and San Francisco.
In my spare I see my friends andxwe love going to Casper’s which is a dessert parlour where I have a pancake with strawberries….yum! We also enjoy playing on the trampoline,
I’m really looking forward to doing some photographic, magazine, catalogue and other types of modelling.
SPORTS: hockey, ju-jitsu 
SINGING: enjoys singing (has a good voice)
MODELLING: first time model