Miss Lisa clare nock

Miss Lisa clare nock

I’m a bubbly neurodiverse lass from the Midlands who has various disabilities and learning difficulties such as Autism. I started on the stage as an actress in 1994 which has grown into a long term hobby and career. I attended theatre school,film school, and did acting at college. This led to me going to university which I now hold a FDA,B.A and a M.A all in the performing arts field. I also hold a PGCE as I do some teaching work on a casual basis and teach a diverse range of audiences .

My skills are being confident in front of the camera, treating everyone equally, being focused on tasks,encouraging inclusive practice, being organised and meeting deadlines, and being creative .

I like to show people that I’m a positive role model and ambassador for curvy models and models with disabilities. What makes me stand out from the crowd and to bring to the firm is that I like to show that modeling and acting is not a one size fits all. Modelimg and acting is a great platform/tool for promoting equality and diversity. My potential is to enjoy acting and modeling freely and to experience different walks of life as a neurodiverse model and actor.


– Acting roles (tv, film and theatre)
-Commercial modelling
– Catalogue modelling
– Fashion modelling,
– Promotional modelling,
– Miscellaneous /other