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Miss Eleanor Ruby Peers

About Me:
I am a fun, bubbly and outgoing individual who will chat to anyone! My biggest challenge that I have overcome was that my college lost two years worth of my coursework. Rather than dwelling on the seriousness of the situation I re- did 2 years worth of coursework within six months to make sure I completed the course and received my qualification. Through my determination I am now a successful Personal Assistant for two Head of Departments, I am organized, I meet my deadlines and I always see a job through to the end. I am used to multi tasking because I also manage my teams by advising and helping out where I can. One of my ambitions was to travel and meet new people; two years ago I travelled to Thailand on my own and whilst I was there I completed my teaching English as a foreign language (TEFLE) qualification and worked in Thai schools for a week. This was challenging due to the language barrier but I overcame this by interacting with them on a social level by playing games, singing songs and dancing. I am a natural lady who loves fashion and loves being in front of the camera. I take pride in my appearance and always strive to look my best and I am not afraid of hard work. I would really like to get into modeling as I am confident, I like to take up new challenges and meet new people.

Interested In:
Horse Riding