About Me:
My name is Micol, I am a bilingual girl. I was born in London but my family is Italian. My mum is a very open-minded Methodist Minister and for this reason, I have been exposed to different situations that involved me very much like to fight for the rights of homosexuals and transexual people, helping homeless or people in need. I like to stay with people of different background, there is something to learn. I love travelling and learning from different cultures.

I have always loved fashion maybe because my dad is from Milan and there I became fond of it

Since I was three I have been dancing in several academies with great passion and participated to dance competitions with enthusiasm. I have always liked the different outfit that I had to wear for the dance shows.

I am a bit shy but when I pose or dance I feel free.

I hope this small presentation speaks a bit about me.

Interested In:
ACTING: In the background or small parts to start
DANCE: Jazz\ modern
MODELLING: Any kind to explore different environment of the fashion