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About Me:
I have always been an ambitious person determined to succeed in whatever area I put my mind to. My friends would describe me as whitty, confident and passionate who is easy to get along with. I would also describe myself as someone who is strong minded yet empathetic to others and has a good work ethic, not ever wanting to let anyone down and do the best I can. I am also good at working alone or as part of a team.

Until now I have been a swimming teacher which gave me the opportunity to teach in Australia for a year in 2002, I had my son in 2004 and then when he was 5 I went to university to become a physiotherapist which I have been practicing for the past 6 years. I have always had a love for helping people which is why I chose these 2 professions as they are both very rewarding.

Interested In:
My hobbies are keeping fit, cooking, and interior design.

Modelling is something I have always wanted to do but until now I didn’t have the confidence or time fully commit myself but now I ready to give it my best shot! I feel I am relaxed in front of a camera, able to take instruction and am photogenic. I am good at taking on different looks and very open to trying other areas other than modelling such as TV extras and adverts.