Michael Cebreiro

Michael Cebreiro

About Me:
I’m a creative individual at heart always looking for ways to enjoy my life and what I do. I’m generally drawn to media-related subjects such as music, art, photography, and other topics in that area, though I am tech-head as I’ve always had an interest in IT as well which is what I do for a living.

I’ve been a music producer for the last 10 where I’ve explored DJing and singing to push myself further in the music field. I’ve always been quite on top of my social media where photography became more important, learning how to take photos of myself and getting used to being in front of a camera. I’ve also had lots of experience in live environments due to living streams and DJ shows which has helped me become more proficient in working under pressure and engaging with others whilst keeping an energetic and fun personality.

I’ve stepped into the modelling world as it’s an area I’ve had an interest in for a while, I’ve been moulding my style over the years and believe this is a good time for me to show what I’ve got.


Interested In:
– Singing
– Modelling
– Supporting artist