Melody Gendre

Melody Gendre

About Me:
I am a French trans woman living in the UK. I have been transitioning since Spring 2021 and since then I have felt more confident every day about my own image and my self-appreciation has grown tremendously.

I aim to bring visibility and representation to my community, to show the beauty of diversity.

My current job is in the travel industry, and I am also trying to develop my own line of handmade organic cosmetics. I would love for it to become one of my main sources of income and use it to support charities such as Refuge.

I love to travel but wish I had more time for it. In my spare time I like to cook, or some will say that I like to make experiments! I also like to go out for dinner in new restaurants from my ever-expanding list of must-try. I recently discovered a new liking for gardening and I am making my balcony slowly greener. I am also a little bit of a geek.

I am always happy to try new experiences and push myself out of my own comfort zone.

Interested In:
– All forms of modelling
– Film & TV Extra
– Walk-on roles
– TV commercials and corporate
– Advertising & Promotional
– Acting