Mateusz Materlik

Mateusz Materlik

About Me:
My name is Mateusz Materlik and I am 20 years old. I live in Scotland for 8 years but I’m originally from Poland. Now Im studying in New College Lanarkshire on Animal Biology and Conservation course because I love animals which I really enjoying and I know a completely different direction than being a model. I also would want to model with animals if possible because I love animals and I’m also interested in technology like computers, phones etc. I’m living with my parents and grandmother, and they suport me so much what I do and want to do in the future.

I’m very interested in fashion and I always was because I watched TV shows like „Top Model”. I always looking and I’m interested in new fashion.

Also, I would like to see how I would look like in different styles of clothes because sometimes I’m not that confident but I would love to try new things.

In the future I plan to professionally model and hope to gain more confidence and determination to be good at what I want to do.

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