Mary Simwaya

Mary Simwaya
About Me:
I am a passionate individual currently trying to achieve a professional career in doing what I love which is modelling. In addition I am also very intelligent and confident with great communication skills which I think is key in being successful in life.
I am dedicated, friendly and fun to be around, I am reliable and dependable. I work well with people and socialising with them and I love facing new challenges.
I am mature and outspoken with a great personality. I love to help and respect other people’s opinions giving them the chance to express themselves. My passion is to be successful and unique in any field or career. I find myself trying to obtain support from parents who have been helping me to obtain my goal and I have gradually been making progress using all my qualities. Modelling has been something I have been interested in since I was young and I have always enjoyed being behind the cameras expressing myself. It has been something I have always wanted to look into and take seriously. I feel like some of the things needed for modelling are good senses of style, excellent stamina and a positive attitude which I know I possess with also a well organised, efficient and innovative personality.

Interested In:

Hip hop dance