Martina Ruzzi

Martina Ruzzi

About Me:
I am outlining my personality, my skills and what I would really like to do in the industry of modelling/acting.

My personality is very flexible, and I am glad to say that thanks to that I am always able to face multiple situations also the more different ones in any kind of environment. I love to challenge myself and I feel that this new career in modelling/acting suits me well considering all the potential I have.

I like to do sport, skiing during wintertime, ride horses and my lovely MBK.
I am good in cooking and also a wine taster and I took the degree in Italy; I am also a cigar lover.
I am accomplished in speaking French and Spanish.

I do love elegance at all and I’ve always been fascinated by all the aspects of fashion that enhance it.

Previously I did modelling for a hairdresser posing for his makeup artist and hairstyles.
What I would really do in the industry is definitely modelling in all his forms and advertising/promotional. I am also interested in presenting, and TV extra and walk on roles.
Basically I am multipurpose and multitasking.

Interested In:
Sports: skiing, horse riding, MBK riding,
Dancing: Pop dancing
Modelling: hairdressers and makeup artists