Marie Glendenning

Marie Glendenning

About Me:
Although I am new to the industry, I am a very passionate and determined person and I am sure that I could excel in any given role. I have been described in my recent shoot by the studio staff as a “delight to work with”, “undemanding” and “flexible”. I am warm and friendly and this demeanour enables me to excel in communication and navigate social settings adeptly.

I have a buoyant and outgoing nature, allowing me to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds effortlessly and have often been told I bring light and positivity to the workplace.

As a family we have travelled quite a lot, sailing ourselves across the Atlantic for one of the most notable parts. This can be a quick-paced and quick-thinking environment. Highly pressured at times and often you need to think outside of the box. It has taught me a lot.

One of my greatest achievements was homeschooling our children for two years, whilst living on our boat in a working boat yard. Having spent 15 years abroad, primarily in Lanzarote, and the recent six years sailing, I have also had the privilege of interacting with people from various walks of life. The experiences gained during this period have proven invaluable, teaching me profound life lessons that I use in everyday life.

There’s a new chapter ahead for me and I am excited to begin working in this industry.

Interested In:
– Commercial Modeling
– High Street Fashion Modeling
– Catalogue Modeling
– TV & Film Work