Maria Demeter Ledgister

Maria Demeter Ledgister

About Me:
All human beings who have ever walked this planet have taken a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, each one goes through a kaleidoscope of emotions, a spectrum of interactions and a rainbow of experiences. Some have plumbed the seemingly unfathomable depths of human suffering, loss, and despair. Many have scaled the rapturous heights of bliss, joy, and utter satisfaction. Whatever the emotion, experience, or effort, each contributes to the totality of this wonderful journey we call life.

My own journey began on a sunny Thursday morning on a ward of the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica. April 22, 2004 may have, for most people passed as just another day, but for my parents it represented a day of beginnings, a time of great celebration, an occasion of blessing, beauty, and bounty. As I took my first gulps of air independently, stretched my limbs and opened my eyes, a whole new world- perhaps a brave new world- lay before me. No one knew what life held for me, but one thing was certain, it held something.

Very often, things that represent a combination of elements, a composite of different influences tend to be colorful, rich and vibrant. People are no different, as my own experience and reality prove. Like most Jamaicans, I have a proud African heritage, a legacy of a not-so-proud history of plantation slavery. However, I also lay claim to a noble Greek heritage through my paternal grandmother who hails from a little village not far from Limassol, one of the main cities in the Greek part of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Although early on I didn’t gravitate to any one sport, I was fairly active as a child, in fact I could have even been considered something of a tomboy. I’d often challenge my male counterparts to a race up a tree, seeing who could clamber to the top in the quickest time. One of my favorite activities in my early years was donning my mother’s clothes and traipsing around the house pretending to ‘strut the catwalk’. On reflection, this seemed to have helped to lay the foundation for my love of the performing arts. As a very dramatic child, I used to entertain my family and the neigbors with my antics, often putting on a one-person talent show, complete with dramatic monologue. My passion for drama and acting have not diminished and I recently completed my GCSE in Drama which was something that I was very dedicated to and which I will miss dearly. When classical music was being played in the house- which it often was- I would imagine that I was a ballerina on a massive stage performing for dozens of adoring fans, and, although I’ve never taken lessons, I still pride myself in my ability. In 2018, I received a Merit level 2 in my Dance GCSE course which is quite commendable, considering that I hadn’t done dance before in a mainstream setting.

I consider myself something of a rebel, trailblazer and trendsetter as I am not willing to simply follow the path of least resistance or the road much travelled. Instead, I generally seek to forge my own path and think independently and creatively. As I look to make my mark in the world of modelling and performance, I know that these qualities and outlook could help me reach far.

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