Maisie Pickard

Maisie Pickard

About Me:
I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and History at A levels, with the hope of achieving my dream job of becoming a doctor.

I’ve always been an outgoing and confident person which has given me the opportunity to: travel America with the scouts for three weeks and being appointed head girl which was chosen for me by both my peers and teachers.

At GCSE I took drama, giving me experience under the spotlight, performing in numerous plays, one of which included me performing a monologue to a live audience. As well as performing I’m also a huge fan of watching theatre and musical theatre with Blood Brothers probably being my favourite to watch. I LOVE fashion and clothes, making online shopping my best friend, my fashion sense is very much varied and unique, a combination of different aesthetics at one time.

I keep fit and healthy both mentally and physically, with reading being a gateway for my mind to recover. In terms of my physical fitness, I used to play football, however since stopping, FIIT workouts have been way of staying on top of being physically fit.

Interested in:
– Fashion
– Beauty skincare/ hair
– Theatre
– TV/film