Lottie Mai Farmer

Lottie Mai Farmer

About Me:
My natural hair colour is brown. But I do like to dye it unnatural colours every so often. It’s one of the ways that I like to express myself. I have no piercings however. I also like wearing extreme makeup and hairstyles.

I am a friendly, bubbly, and outgoing person. I like to consider myself an extrovert most of the times. I love spending time with people and I try my best to make new friends. I am honest but also compassionate.

I have, most of the time, a positive attitude and I am very forward thinking and like to plan ahead. I have a few regrets but I dont like to dwell on anything bad that might have happened in the past. I think ahead and love to help others.

I’m not particularly religious, I am an agnostic. However, i believe that there is a reason for any unforeseen event in someone’s life. I also respect people’s rights to their beliefs and I support them. I can be quite political and I do like to speak up on behalf of those who may not have a voice in contemporary society. I would love for our world to achieve full peace, as I believe that we cannot look after external species if we can’t look after humanity itself. I am on social media a lot, and I often see a lot of negativity as the world faces a lot of problems. While focusing on those on my platforms, I do also create a happy environment to give anyone who sees it a break from all the negativity. I try to help as much as I can within the local community and most of us all do work together to make it a pleasant place to live. I am strongly against animal abuse and I believe that every person, no matter race, gender, nationality, sexuality, social class, etc are entitled to their rights. I also believe strongly in forgiveness and giving people a chance to reform themselves.

I am heavily into performing arts and have been since very young. I always take part in school plays and plays in the local community. I also like to play football and I love the education I am in. I am planning to take drama, psychology and law for my levels in September. Psychology has always interested me, especially forensic psychology. I love being organised and learning

Interested In:

Sports: football, tennis, badminton.

Singing: Alto, can sing some soprano notes, grade 1-4, any genre.

Acting: Musical Theatre, plays, film, TV, voice over, reality, any genre.

Modelling: commercial, editorial, fashion, makeup, hair, skincare, fitness, glamour, promotional, print work.