Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb

About Me:
I am a very reliable model who takes instruction well. I enjoy what I do and that filters through to the images. I am also very easy going so nothing is a chore, I like to please and do the job that I have been paid to do – to deliver good content, to be it the photographer, agent or end user.

I have a strong eye for detail and appreicate that my portfolio is not touched up in any way shape or form. I have curves and bumps as a woman would at 50 years old, and take pride in the fact that I specify my work (to you) is not touched up or filtered.  This is so you can see the true me and ’know what you are buying’. I do of course appreciate you may wish to touch up and cover up what you feel is fit for the finished product, this is something that would be your decision following a sucessful shoot.

A little bit of background about me. I am half Kuwaiti (father) and half British (mother), perhaps why I have olive skin and a slightly foreign look. I however do hold a British Passport so I am entitled to live and work in the UK. I currently reside in Poole, near Bournemouth in Dorset – only 10 minutes away from the sea which I love. Hobbies include Horse riding, Travelling, Dancing, Socialising and of course Good Food (is that a hobby!).

I have in the past done some modelling when I lived in Portugal. I have also modelled for a British college brochure, given my profession, dancing on stage, I am a confident person with lots of personality.

I work as a Lapdancer and Pole Dancer in a club in Bournemouth and have been doing this for a number of years. I also occasionally travel abroad to dance during high seasons. I feel it gives me a break from my regular club and keeps it fresh. Given my Lapdancing job, I am comfortable shooting in underwear, swimwear and nude shoots. You will find my Portfolio attached are majority underwear photos. I have included some close ups so you can see a true reflection of my face.

Interested In:
– Modelling