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Li Ka Yan Catherine

About Me:

With a great passion towards performing arts in general, I am always training myself in the aspects of singing, dancing and acting. I am also currently studying Masters in Theatre & Performance Studies at King’s College London, and will be graduating in September 2019. I finished my Bachelor of Arts (in English literature) degree in Hong Kong. Although I am not very experienced in modelling, I am highly photogenic and pose well and naturally in front of camera, probably due to my previous trainings and experiences in performing arts. I am experienced in performing on stage, especially in improvisation and musical theatre. As a girl who comes from Hong Kong, I have strong Asian fashion senses, and am very adaptable in all sorts of clothing, ranging from European style to Korean or Japanese styles. I have just lived in London for 8 months, not extremely familiar with this city, but I am very used to living abroad. This is because I have also lived in Vancouver, Canada for a year when I was having an exchange in my third year of university. That experience allowed me to be able to work with people from all walks of life. I do not have any problem communicating and working with people that speak different languages. I love embracing different cultures, which is why I also learn lots of languages – I speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin, French, Korean, and a bit of German. My other interests and hobbies include photography, image and video editing, travelling and poetry writing.

Interested In:

DANCE: Hip Hop, Commercial Jazz
SINGING: Musical theatre, Pop, Soul/Jazz