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About Me:
I am of British African descent, my father being British, whilst my Mother is from Ghana, although I was born in Australia where my parents were living at the time. I spent my younger years living in Africa, where my father was working and moved permanently to England a few years ago.

I have just completed my GCSE exams and am now heading to college to study A levels. One subject is Media Studies as I am interested in pursuing this as a possible career.

I have a keen interest in playing football and enjoy working out at the gym. I intend to keep my activity levels up whilst in college by joining various sports teams. I have also had an interest in doing some acting and intend to give this a go at college.

When I was younger my mother was interested in getting me to model but at that time in my life, I was not confident with my body image and there were not many opportunities to pursue this in Ghana where I was living. When my family moved to England, there were more chances to try this, but I still did not feel ready at my young age and with how my body looked. I have only recently been interested in this because since last year I have been improving my body toning and have developed physically and matured a lot as a person.

I enjoy stretching myself and learning new things and am very much looking forward to trying modelling as I had fun doing my photo portfolio shoot.

At this stage I am only viewing modelling as a part time hobby, that could also lead me to acting with the help of my college drama club. I am also motivated by the potential to earn money to help through my college and hopefully university year. However should modelling turn into something more serious or long term then I am certainly prepared to consider this.

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