Kajal Mistry

Kajal Mistry

About Me:
I am Kajal Mistry, and for the last five years, I have been working as a Pharmacist Store Manager. I have a massive passion for fashion, and I love being in front of the camera, one of my hobbies is to always stay up to date with the latest fashion and trend. I have decided to take this career path into modelling as I want to have a part-time career where I can enjoy myself, be professional and most importantly be myself. When I did my first audition shoot for Hype Digital, I had a fantastic time with the photographer and loved getting all glammed up. At first, I did it to prove to myself that I have grown and I’m not that shy person anymore. Little did I know I would take it up as a career, or I had the potential of being a model.

When I look at these photos, I barely recognise the woman in the picture. I always wonder where this woman has been hiding all these years, where has all this confidence appeared. I feel proud of how far I’ve come; the growth from focusing on myself has been worthwhile. All the struggle, working hard, being disciplined, letting go and changing my mindset has resulted in this. A woman who is so positive that she wants to spread it across the world, a woman who has so much self-worth that she knows what she wants and anything less she will not entertain. Lastly, a woman who is so strong that nothing can break her.

I am 5’5, long hair natural brunette with olive to medium skin tone, which makes me a good model and representation for multi-cultural women across the world. I enjoy working with professionals who have creative ideas and take me out of my comfort zone so I can grow as a person. I give 110% of my energy and enthusiasm to every task at work. I take pride in immersing myself in the brands I represent. In the past, I have also done a charity fashion show at my university twice a front of 400 people, so I’m not afraid to be a front of a big crowd of people. In my spare time, I like to go to the gym 6 to 7 times a week and do three workouts per day to stay fit and in shape.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my career in modelling, and I hope it turns out to be the best time of my life.

Interested In:
Commercial and TV adverts
Weight training and Gym