Joemel Evan Joseph

Joemel Evan Joseph

About Me:
I’m a multi-talented person, I grew up in the rough areas of Luton, however I’m quite sensible and polite. Growing up I did my best to avoid the influences of my area by finding interest in dance, music, mixed martial arts, science and sports and even gaming every now and then.

Growing up in Luton wasn’t perfect but we made the most of what we had which has allowed me to be a first-generation university student in my family. A family of 3 my older sister is an NHS worker in care and nursing and my younger brother finding his feet in work. My mother grew up in the Caribbean whom also had interests in dance and modelling but ultimately came to England to make a living for us and became a senior carer.

I currently work at a gym called the workout factory where I do a circuit training program, I also work with the youth in dance and mixed martial arts. Where I’ve networked a lot independently at the age of 21 I was lucky enough to be given advice by model clients who have recommended modelling to be apart of my career.


Interested In:
Sports: Boxing and Mixed martial arts
Dance: Hip hop and contemporary
Instrument: Piano
Acting: GCSE Drama student
Modelling: upcoming