Jerome Celecia

Jerome Celecia
About Me:
Bubbly, fit, and fun to be around, I am a professional dancer whose passion for storytelling fuels my artistry. Through dance, I have curated a love for conveying stories and developed an instinct for what works in any scenario. Being bilingual and hailing from Gibraltar, I seamlessly blend UK top fashion with a Mediterranean Spanish flare. A strong work ethic and a drive to create quality content are at the core of who I am. Embracing my theatrical, camp side has allowed me to explore a broader range of flavours and styles in my looks and art, while my masculine innate energy is something I feel strongly about as well. Whether in movement, posing, or acting, I possess an intuitive understanding of what is desired from me, all while enjoying every moment of it.
Interested In:
– Telling Stories
– Playing Parts
– Creating Content And Worlds
– Modelling