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About Me:
Jessica is 14 years old and enjoys horse riding and being outdoors. Back in 2017 she did a photograph for model search in a local shopping centre for which she was selected and then shortlisted and won her age category, she then did a shoot for the local shops and was in the final 8 candidates. Jessica really enjoyed the time she spent being photographed and seemed to have a natural ability in posing and looking good in photographs. She went on to do a shoot at visual studios in 2018 which I paid for as her portfolio, She then had another one in London outdoors this year with a trainee photographer. Jessica struggles academically but is very good at art and with this comes a creative side to her not only in her drawing but also with make up, she spends a lot of time experimenting and trying different looks and has found something that she really enjoys doing. Jessica is outgoing and confident she is also keen to learn more about the industry and this is a good opportunity for her to be able to do that and hopefully give her a platform for further work

Interested In:
Horse Riding