Jaylei Maur Taylor

Jaylei Maur Taylor

About Me:
Up until the Covid-19 outbreak, I was studying A- level PE and English Literature at Sixth form. I’m awaiting the result of un-sat A-levels with the intention to get an apprenticeship in personnel training and/or physio therapy.

In between sixth form and for now I work at a local Macdonald’s restaurant, which is not what I want to do for the future but it provides pocket money and allows me to gain life experience, it’s also quite a fun environment and I get to work and met different types of people with diverse attitudes.

I consider myself a confident and social girl who likes to interact with all walks of life of all ages, I have different social groups and up to recent times, played league Hockey for Southend Girls.

Whilst I enjoy my family and having some me time, I love going out with friends, for example visiting London, indoor/outdoor concerts, events and would love to travel more in coming years.

My origins are mixed, my father is half native Indian, therefore, I have a olive/tanned skin tone all year round, dark brown hair with green eyes and natural plump lips and cheek dimples.

I have been told that I have a very versatile image, from glamorous, 1940’s style to on trend teen as well as the girl next door look. I enjoy being in front of the camera and would love the opportunity to learn and grow in the model industry.

Should the opportunity for acting, commercials, walk-on/other parts on tv arise, I would like to participate in these also.

In the past I’ve played the piano and like to sing, although not pitch perfect! Perhaps this is something for when I gain more experience?

I hope the above provides a little more insight and I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future!

(This is to help the casting director understand you more as a person than just looking at your portfolio)

This should at least be 200 words for the casting director to get a good idea of how you are!

Interested In:
Hockey/Gym and Personal Training Fitness
Past Piano experience
Singing experience
Photo shoots for catalogues (clothing , brands, commercials, promo – both clothing and facial for example Avon, other make up brands, toothpaste, hair).

I’m happy try cat walk but have a fuller bust, which may not suit all clients.