Jaimini Jadeja

Jaimini Jadeja

About Me:
I am a passionate individual who actively pays close attention to trends and the forever evolving fashion industry. I pay close attention to intricate details and I am all about attention to detail, this is often reflected in my day to day attire and the way I present myself. I feel that these qualities are something that any brand would benefit from and would utilise effectively.

The way I present and carry myself is vital. I ensure that I regularly train and stay active to keep the body healthy as well as keep my mind revitalised.

I am always looking for opportunities, alongside my day to day role as a dental nurse, I trade on the biggest financial market and coach many individuals towards greatness. I feel that through these experiences I have built myself into a resilient individual who is looking to progress and embark into new ventures.

Interested In:
– Modelling
– High street fashion/website
– Fitness
– Commercial
– Music video