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About Me

Thank you for visiting Ivelina’s modelling website where you can learn all Ivelina and her fashion modelling career.

Ivelina is a Bulgarian born model who wishes to further her career in fashion modelling. With a love of fashion, in particular ladies’ fashion, she designs and makes her own clothes, giving Ivelina an edge on other fashion models, as she possesses a deeper understanding of the whole fashion process.

Ivelina is a formidable force in the world of fashion and plans to use her success to establish herself a leading fashion model whilst helping others in need through charity work.

Ivelina is a beautiful, slim 31-year-old woman with a passion for all life has to offer. She speaks three languages fluently, including Spanish, Bulgarian (her mother tongue) and English. She loves to travel and looks forward to seeing more of the UK as well as Europe throughout her modelling career. She believes that it is amazing that modelling gives her the opportunity to travel extensively and is yet another part of modelling she adores.

In addition to travelling and languages, she also plays the piano and guitar to exceptional levels. She has played both since she was a child, and music is a really big part of her life. Fitness is also extremely important to Ivelina, and she strives to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. She also teaches Pole Dancing, so she can impart her passions for healthy and fitness to others.