Hollie Simpson

Hollie Simpson

About Me:
My name is Hollie Simpson, I am 15 years old and I am writing about why I want to become a model.

I wanted to start modelling because I want to build up my confidence for the future. When I saw some modelling sites on the internet I applied for the studio. I was really excited to start something new what I haven’t done before. I like taking new challenges even though sometimes I might be shy and nervous. When I went to the studio on Friday 17th for my photo-shoot, at first I was nervous and then my confidence grew and I settled in to what was being asked of me. I really enjoyed my time in the studio and gave me more insight of the experience and how much I would like to continue this journey.

I am a loving girl who always accepts and takes constructive criticism. I always follow rules and whenever someone talks to me I will always listen to them. I am kind and helpful and always help others who need me. I am really good at horse riding. I love playing the piano even though I am not the best at it but it’s always been my dream to be really good at it. I also had piano lessons when I was younger. I search up songs what I want to play and learn the notes by watching videos and looking at different sites. I am currently learning how to play we are the champions by Queen.

I have always had an interest of becoming an actress. I always wanted to be in films, TV extras, people in the background in movies and voice overs. I look up to my favourite actors off Harry Potter. They are Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Tom Felton. I have always been inspired by them and always watch their films what they have been in to get ideas for the future.

When I was younger I was part of an acting and dance school. I was in two shows called Wicked in Oz and Frozen. I audition for the part of Anna and the reindeer but didn’t get Anna. I loved being the reindeer and I also got a part of being a troll. I loved being part of an acting school it always inspired me. I like singing sometimes with my sister and on my own. I have always looked up to my nana when she was singing; I would go to her gigs and listen to her. I would go onto YouTube, me and my sister would sing random songs and have fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read

Interested In:
Voice over