Hima Hoskote

Hima Hoskote

About Me:
I am a 53 yr old lady, married, have two children, one finished Uni this year, the other just starting Uni this year. I have been a qualified medical doctor past 30yrs, an Anaesthetist for the past 25yrs, currently a Covid warrior. I am been in the UK, working for the NHS the past 15-16yrs and am a British citizen. I am a cheerful person, work well in a team and keep my working environment pleasant.

Modelling has been a passion for me since I was a teenager but it never took off for some reason. I love dancing of any art and music of any kind which is apt for tapping my feet and also soothing to the ears. Cooking, gardening and reading books are my hobbies. And like any lady, I am good at multi-tasking. I can carry most outfits quite well, more so an Indian saree, when I usually get more compliments, where I turn out to be quite patriotic to India.

I was born in Germany to Indian parents. I was shunted between India and Germany quite a few times and my schooling has been partially in India and partly in Germany. I love travelling and am quite adventurous.

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