Hilda Thomas

Hilda Thomas

About Me:
My interest in pursuing a modeling career has derived from many years of working in the fashion industry as a student and later on as a sales consultant within various retail boutiques and outlets, situated in prestigious areas of London. In addition, the span of my career has also included working in the hair industry, which I thoroughly enjoyed and have a passion for.
All of the above career choices have led to the desire to pursue a modeling career.
Allow me to share my story and aspirations with you.

While my journey in the modeling industry is just beginning, I have already taken some steps towards pursuing my dreams.

I have had some exposure and had the privilege of working on a few modeling projects which I have undertaken, which have served as invaluable experiences in shaping my skills and fueling my desire to excel in this field. These initial ventures have given me a taste of the excitement and creativity that come with being in front of the camera, and they have only deepened my determination to forge a successful career as a model.

One of the aspects that drew me to the world of modeling is my profound interest in fashion, hair, and beauty. I find immense joy in exploring the latest trends, understanding the artistry behind hairstyling, and experimenting with makeup. I believe that fashion is a form of self-expression, and through modeling, I can bring life and personality to the designs and concepts envisioned by talented fashion designers and stylists.

In addition to high street fashion, I am also drawn to the possibilities that lie within catalogue, TV, and film modeling. Each medium offers a unique platform to bring stories, characters, and narratives to life through visual representation. The idea of being a part of a creative team, collaborating with photographers, directors, and stylists to create visually compelling and memorable content, is incredibly exciting to me. I am eager to explore different avenues within modeling and make a lasting impact in the industry.

I desire at this stage of my life to continue, and enhance my skills in pursuit of modeling opportunities, which will ultimately enable me to fulfill and accomplish my desire in becoming a professional model. I am physically fit, and possess a strong resilient character. I am also flexible with my time in being available for work assignments and I possess a good sense of fashion and awareness of trends that are constantly changing.

In conclusion, modeling is not just a passing interest for me; it is a career path I am wholeheartedly dedicated to pursuing. With a genuine passion for the world of fashion, hair, beauty, and all things glamourous, as well as a desire to showcase high street fashion and engage in various modeling opportunities, I am eager to embark on a career as a professional model and contribute my unique perspective and talents to the industry. Thank you for considering my application, and I am excited to take the next steps in this thrilling journey towards becoming a professional model.

Interested In:
– Modelling