Ellie-Mae Reynolds

Ellie-Mae Reynolds

About Me:
I am someone who inspires to be the best version of myself by learning and understanding different things in myself and the world so that I can act knowledge who I am and what my purpose is.

I know and believe I am a performer that is meant to be acting, modelling and dancing as that’s what truly makes me happy because I love creating myself into different characters to understand the mind of the characters.

I love dancing as I feel the rhythm and beat and let my body move into the form that the music makes me feel, expressing who I am and what I’m feeling though dance.

I also love modelling as I get to inspire people on who I am. And when I’m on that run way, stage or anything thing that has light I feel like I am alive and get to become version of myself that I would say I look up to.

I also love travelling and meeting new people as it gain my experience of getting to know not just where I’m from but to understand all different cultures and religion so I get to try this whole world out.

I am Creative, outgoing, confident and spontaneous person who is ready to start creating my future and try something new everyday.

I am determined to get where I know I will be in my future!

Interested In:
– Acting
– Extra
– Modelling
– Run way
– Commercial
– Promotional work
– Petite
– Catalogue
– Catwalk
– Music Videos
– Fashion/Editorial