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About Me:
Hi my name is Ellie Loren Smith, am 13 years of age and I come from the amazing city of Liverpool. I am a very sociable person and have a wide range of friends from different age groups and diversities. Although I am only 13, I often get told I look and act a lot older than I actually am. I think I am quite mature for my age compared to some of my friends or people I know in school. I think this is because there wasn’t many children in our family when I was growing up and I was always around older people, like my mum, step dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents etc, so therefore, I now have a good head on my shoulders according to them! haha!.

I am very bright and always been in all my top sets in school. I want to be a Brain or Heart Surgeon when am older, or possibly a forensic scientist.

I love going out with friends to the cinemas or ice skating.

Every weekend my best friend always stays over and we have pamper nights and discuss what our plans for the weekend are and what clothes/makeup we can wear. We are always on snapchat and other social medias taking selfies and messing round having fun.

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