Dragostin Hristov

Dragostin Hristov

About Me:
Born and bread in Bulgaria who has been living in Glasgow for the past 3 years. The main reason for moving to Glasgow was to study Games Programming. I did that for 2 years and realized that it wasn’t for me and focused on working full time as a Team Manager in a call center.

A lot of people believe that humans always change with age. For me that statement is half right. I believe there’s 2 types of people. Ones that never change and ones that will change with time. I’ve realized that I’m the latter. I come from a family with a verbally and physically abusive father who’s main goal was to de-motivate me and make me unconfined in everything I did. Almost all my life I’ve always hesitated in everything I did and doubted myself, but since I’ve moved to Glasgow I’ve started to change. I’ve realized that I love a challenge, I’m a fast learner and I know how to display confidence. I also like to think I am a great people person. I found this out when I started working as a Team Leader in a call center and the feedback I received from my team. But most of all I love making people smile and laugh. Especially when it’s my friends and family. I feel pure joy seeing the people around me have a great time. That was the main reason I did stand up comedy back in Bulgaria.

I initially thought that I’d be scared to go on stage in front of a crowd, but the moment they called my name and I started walking towards the stage, all that fear faded away. I grabbed the mic, did my 5 minute bit and won a bottle of whiskey at the end.

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