Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini

Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini

About Me:
Hi, my name is Dhosjan. I have had a career in Finance and Tech startups, and I’m an advocate for the power of continuous learning and living outside my comfort zone.

I am a committed, driven, and adventurous individual. I have a passion for travel, enjoying urban explorations, nature escapades, and adventurous trips like hiking, cycling, snowboarding, and leisurely walks.

I’m a social butterfly and a foodie. I enjoy cooking and exploring diverse cuisines, especially afternoon tea and preparing elaborate fine-dining meals. My interests extend to music and dancing; I have been involved in gospel choirs during my teenage years.

I am also passionate about empowering women as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I have lived in the Caribbean, New York and the UK and have a unique ability to adapt to any environment.

Interested In:
– Acting
– Advertising & Promotional
– Commercial
– Catalogue Work
– Modelling
– Singing & Dancing