Copaceanu Ovidiu-Antonio

Copaceanu Ovidiu-Antonio

About Me:
My name is Antonio and I’m relatively new to the modelling industry, however being behind the camera and posing has always come naturally to me. This being said, I keep an open mind to any type of photoshoot and/or project I am presented.

I am based in London, however I’d also be willing to travel if desired or necessary.

I’d describe myself as an adaptable, spontaneity driven and explorative person; Always excited to dive into uncharted territory and new opportunities presented. I prioritise a balanced lifestyle and an excellent, authentic personal image, ensuring I put forward my best self whenever I’m introduced to different individuals/groups in life.

I quickly become very passionate about any new hobby and/or activity I take on, considering myself a perfectionist who isn’t satisfied with the end product until I know I’ve given it my all and my best.

I’m a calm person who can cooperate, remain patient and easily adapt in case of any stressful or emergency situations. Overall I’d describe myself as a creative, outgoing and professional individual.

Interested In:
– Film
– TV
– Catalogue
– Advertising
– Photographic
– Fashion industries