Ciara peacock Grego-cox

Ciara peacock Grego-cox

About Me:
Hi my name is Ciara I am 4 years old and live with my mum , dad , 2 cats and dogs. I love animals especially dogs and cats!

I currently go to nursery and I love it. My nanny and grandad take me whilst mummy and daddy work.

I enjoy asking mummy to take lots of photos normal and funny one.

I love playing doctors , vets and playing with my ride on unicorn, I enjoy painting and love getting dirty some of the time.

I love swimming and going on walks to see what new and interesting things we can find.

My most favourite thing to do is to go on airplanes
So I can go to the beach, build sand castle and doing some exploring

I also love football


Interested In:
New toys
Role play