Christina Shoben

Christina Shoben

About Me:
I believe in acting with integrity. I am forthright, witty and humorous. I am passionate about nature and being loving generous and kind, but I am also very much a tiger.

I am very disciplined because everything is in order and has its place. Being disciplined also give me spare time, as I am not all over the place. I am physical, having actively participated in the gym, yoga, circuit training, boxing, swimming and walking all my life.

I don’t have any clothes for best. If I am at home or outside, I dress to look smart and clean in a casual manner, being quirky at the same time. I dress to suit my character and feelings.

I am very meticulous in everything I do. I am creative and have made jewellery, painting and furniture. I see something with potential, I love to create something out of it.

I love to dance and listen to music of different cultures. I have never been conventional. I am open, honest and direct. I love conversing with intellectual people.

I respect life and value opportunities and challenges that come my way. I am trustworthy and will give myself totally to everything I do.

Interested In:
– History
– Architecture
– Culture
– Reading
– Swimming
– Walking
– Travelling to hot exotic countries
– Interior design
– Creative cooking with spices
– Helping animals and people