Chinwe Anaghara

Chinwe Anaghara

About Me:

My name is Chinwe Anaghara born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a lawyer by day and a creative all the time! I have a fun-loving, vivacious personality and love all forms of creative expression. Which is why I’m deeply passionate about acting and modelling as they allow me to express the many different sides of me.

One of my best qualities is smiling! I love music and absolutely love African literature, specifically African folklore, songs and mythology.

I’m deeply passionate about my work which allows me to give myself completely to the task at hand.

I love travelling and enjoy other cultures, through books, music, dance and the arts. I have travelled to few cities of the world which has opened my mind to world views and people beyond where I’m from.

I enjoy meeting people, knowing people and what they are about.

Interested In:

ACTING: I’m interested in acting roles and I would love to immerse myself in the mind of a character bringing it to life.

MODELLING: I am good at taking directions during a shoot and extremely professional because I know how important it is that the message intended must be well received by those it’s intended for.