Chicleusia Alves Tavares

Chicleusia Alves Tavares

About Me:
Unique, that’s the best two syllable words to describe me; my look and my mind and my personality.

“Culture builds character” I am under construction; I look forward to travelling all over the world to experience other ways of life and be educated on the history of great nations. Born in Angola and raised in the UK, my environment has shaped me to be an enthusiastic, determined, adaptive and cheeky student of life. I am a talkative individual that loves being part of a team, one where our faults and weakness don’t hold us back but propel us forward.

I often worked long shifts as a care practitioner and this job allowed me to gain multiple skills and valuable lessons, these include being: observant, energetic, keen learner, compassionate, direct, open to change and adaptive. Working in this environment being adaptive is key to demonstrate control and to not intensify any situation at hand. Prolonged work days although tiring further sparks a flame in me to complete the task at hand and ensure the clients satisfaction. Maintaining a fun and positive environment is an encouraging factor that keeps me working smart and hard. My determination stems from being the only female child in the house, this has encouraged a lot of my passions and style preferences much like my go to style; a very neutral tomboyish look with a cheek feminine twist.

In my spare time trying new sports including roller skating and soft ball, cooking traditional meals and desserts. Learning new dances and creating routines. Styling hair, wardrobe and make-up. To me every outfit is a costume, one not to hide your personality, emotions or thoughts instead to unleash them without words. “Fashion is an instant language” – Miuccia Prada.

Interested In:
– Customising clothes
– Modelling and creating a variety of looks
– Dancing – hip hop, street and afro.
– Exercising – roller skating, track, regular gym member
– Braiding hair – creating new patterns with and without extension