Cassia Selby-Bird

Cassia Selby-Bird

About me:
I am 16 years old and live in Kent. I have a bubbly and talkative personality and easy to get along with. I’ve got a lot of experience working within a team, whether that’s our school leadership or dance groups. Equally, I have a high level of motivation and can work solo when required. In my free time, I also volunteer for a local special educational need’s charity.

I attended the Pauline Quirke Academy for around 4 years where I learnt about acting in front of the camera and on stage. I took part in one of their west end shows called the Lazy Ace at the Shaftesbury Theatre to a full house. I have been dancing from a young age and have covered a range of styles which include street, contemporary, ballet, lyrical, commercial, and hip hop. I have performed in many competitions around the country. I love singing and have sang at competitions and dance shows in front of hundreds of people. I am very creative and really enjoy acting. I love bringing the character alive whether it is very naturalistic or comedic. Performing and being on stage is something I’ve done from an early age and feels nature, whether it’s dancing, singing or acting.

I have done a few photoshoots and all the photographers I have worked with have said that I am very easy to work with, professional and natural in front of the camera.

I love to travel and one of my favourite places that I have visited is New York and I really hope that while pursuing my dreams I will get the opportunity to travel to places all around the world to explore different places and culture.

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