Calistru Iulian Ionel Ludovic

Calistru Iulian Ionel Ludovic

About Me:
Hey, there this is Calistru Iulian, born on 21/08/1987 in a little town called Falticeni in Romania.

I’ve started to travel in 2006, first stop Italy, then Belgium, Holland and in 2015 I stopped in the UK.

From 2015 till now I was working as a Receptionist in Hotel, in Security Industry, and now I’m in Construction Industry.

From 2009 till 2015 I was going to the gym doing Kick Boxing, and I’ve started going to a Muay Thai Gym.

My hobby is drawing when I got time.

I’m a reliable person, trying to help people.

Interested In:
– Sports
– Acting
– Modelling
– Supporting Artist