Bal Virdee

Bal Virdee

About Me:
My name is Bal, I’m semi-retired now and would like to explore a different world that I have always been interested in but never thought of doing.

I have a great work ethic; I am a hard worker and willing to go above expectations to ensure the photo shoot goes well.

I am easy going, happy go lucky, can work with all ages and genders comfortably, and can take instruction well. I believe that when one attends a job, that should be the main focus of their day no matter what else is going on.

I am empathetic and have a friendly nature.

I am quite willing to travel and look forward to having the opportunity.
I am able to do my own make-up and hair, though I welcome the expertise of the make-up and hair artists.

My job would be to promote and understand the client’s requirements and campaigns. I am fully committed to any job that I am assigned to.

I accept I may make mistakes at the start, so getting constructive feedback and guidance can only help to improve my skills as a model. If I’m told I am doing something wrong, I can rectify the situation, learn quickly and become a better model.

I know that communication is the most important part of any successful modelling shoot. I am happy to work in any area of modelling. I know any opportunity is a valuable experience to improve my skills.

Interested In:
– Fashion – High street and catalogue
– Promotional
– TV and Film extra
– Make up brands
– Jewellery