Arabella Burton

Arabella Burton

About Me:
I am a 30-year-old female living in Liverpool with my budding family. I have a young daughter who keeps me busy and makes me laugh every day. I have a cat as well – I love animals and do not have any allergies to them.

I worked in stage management in theatre for 8 years and my degree is in Drama. I also had occasional cameos in some productions and I do enjoy being onstage. My work has stopped because of Coronavirus.

I am an active person and enjoy being outdoors. Since having my daughter, I keep in shape by running and doing yoga and home workouts. While I am not particularly skilled at team sports like football and rugby or even activities such as climbing, I love taking part in these activities. My partner plays rugby so I have spent many hours in the rain cheering him on!

I also get a lot of pleasure from reading novels and watching classic films. Period dramas are a particular favorite of mine. When I have time, I like going out for good food and drinks and having a good dance! I have a bubbly, passionate character. I work hard until I get the task I am working on right.

Interested In:
Sewing and crafts
Sports – Swimming and dancing
Spectating sports – Rugby, football and boxing