Hi, my name is Annie.  I am a passionate and creative person with a zest for life and new experiences and challenges. I try to push myself to be the best that I can be, always being ready to open my mind to new possibilities. I apply this philosophy to all aspects of my life and live with true authenticity. This new chapter in my life as a mature model and actress ignites my passion and excitement and I hope to add something positive to the world because of it. I greatly appreciate this opportunity and will always seize the day to make it happen and come alive.


Sports: yoga, gym, hiking, scuba, kayaking.
Dance: enjoy many types of dancing and would like to develop further.
Instrument: clarinet, recorders (quartets), ukulele, guitar.
Singing: enjoy an active and have recently had singing coaching.
Acting: only amateur and fringe so far but keen to get into it.
Modelling: a new career just starting as a mature model.