Anita Michelle Hunt

Anita Michelle Hunt

About Me:
I could write about my painfully challenging childhood, or my hard working years from the age of sixteen on until age fifty seven. I could also write about my upbringing in a working class environment of England, then moving to Australia with my family and finally raising my three children in Canada, but what I really want to write about is my life changing journey that I started three years ago.

After living a life in a body that did not fit the person inside, the decision was made that I needed to transition. Now three years later, and after a lot of joy, pain and heartache, I am now fully transitioned. My body finally fits me, Anita, and I have never been so happy. I’m filled with a new confidence. I’ve learned how to love myself and to love life.

I feel that age is just a number.
I feel that my life is just beginning in so many ways.
I feel it’s never too late to live and follow your dreams.

I have loved clothes, fashion, creativity and style all my life. In the last few years, I have been told by trusted people in my life that I should consider modelling as my career. I decided to go for it, so here I am Anita, your fresh face at 57, in it to win it! 🙂

I am hardworking, I am dedicated. I love everything about modelling and I feel that I’ve got what it takes to be very successful in the fashion industry.

I am grateful for your help in advance, and my heart tells me that all involved will be happy with my performance, now and in future years to come.


Interested In:
– Fashion
– Arts
– Movies
– Being vegan
– Cooking
– Travelling
– People