Andrei Cipu

Andrei Cipu

About Me:
My name is Andrei and I am 19. I have moved to the UK, three years ago and I have finished 6th form where I have studied computer science, business and PE sports and managed to achieve some high grades (DDM). However, at the moment, due to Covid-19 I have decided to go to college for a year and do a computer science course about networking and cybersecurity. Before moving to the UK I used to be an MMA fighter but gave up on it as soon as I moved and picked up on bodybuilding.

I am a hard-working individual who usually thrives in fast peace environments. I am very competitive and try to excel in everything that I do. Most of the time I try to combine two extremes and get the best result. For example, I am passionate about computer science (ethical hacking to be more concise), but this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and therefore I have chosen bodybuilding as my hobby to maintain my body in a good shape and also this hobby can help me to maintain good mental health. I like to see the positive things in every aspect of life because I think there is always something good to get even out of something bad. However, I am quite versatile, and I can integrate into most groups because I can easily pick up on people’s vibes. Moreover, I am quite analytic and can be a critic of myself and others, but I would usually look at myself before judging people around me and try to understand how they think.

Finally, I don’t have any modelling experience, but I am quite confident about the fact that I look good and I love to pose and look after myself which got me to the decision to join this industry of modelling.

Interested In:
Body Building
Full Contact sports (MMA/Muay Thai)
Computer science
Music – (Rap/Trap/DnB/Dub Step/RnB/EDM)