Anderson Dike

Anderson Dike

About Me:
I am an exciting and outgoing person, I am funny and friendly I love meeting new people learn new things and have new experiences, it’s very easy to get along with me, I am a good listener I like to hear other people’s stories, I am always down to learn new skills to achieve any goal I am chasing.

I was born in Italy and lived 18 years of my life until I moved in the uk in 2019 so I am also a fluent Italian speaker.

I have 4 years of experience as retail assistant at sport direct, I develop strong skillset in any area I have to work on. I am a confident person and believe that experience and responsibilities would prepared me well while experiencing a new role. I have a good work ethic and like to achieve new things.

I am always eager to take on new challenges and to learn from experienced people, I am a good communicator and collaborator.

During my free time I like to play football a lot that was my first passion, I also like dancing, listen to music and make rap music, I like enjoying my time with my friends and also watching films.

Since I was young I always had the passion to take picture I would literally ask my friends to take pictures of me all the time is something I really like to do the I got told by many people that I would be a great model and that I look very natural while posing and that gave me enough confidence to try it out and hope for the best!

Interested In:
– Commercial Modeling
– Fashion/Editorial Modeling
– Runway/Catwalk Modeling
– Fitting Model
– TV Commercials
– TV/Film Extra Work
– Reality TV
– Social Media Influencing
– Other (additional skills or areas not specified)