Anan Lin

Anan Lin

About Me:
I am Anan Lin, a 7 years old British-born girl with Chinese heritage. I was born in London in 2013 and moved to Coventry with my family in 2015. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the cutest one in my family and I love them very much. I have many good friends at school, and I like my teachers too.

I am a bit shy, but I am very active in school performance activities and role-playing games. Sometimes, when I read books, I pretend I am acting so I do facial expressions and voice changes; when I watch something, I act it along while watching. My favourites are acting funny and crazy.

I love being in front of cameras for photography, performance and acting since I was little. This gives me lots of excitements and fun. Being a model and an actress are my dream job and I am eager to undercover my potentials, obtain experience and grow to pursue my dreams.

I have been impressed by my independence, cooperation and well behaved and my confidence in font of camera in studios. I would like to seek to add prestige value for any directors who would like to provide me opportunities to develop and grow to be inspired and model and actress.

Interested In: